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About Us

Who are we? – well we have been in “Raambekleding op mat” made to measure window blinds for many years.  We operate our own teams of installers who will install you blinds UK and wide with the care and attention you deserve.  The business started as a hobby and slowly became our main business-  so you could say we have very much learned by our own mistakes – so we don’t want you to make the same ones.

A temporary window is not so much of a loss if you only use it for several weeks or months – or even if you don’t like it. However if you don’t like a 300 dollar basswood shutter then that’s a huge waste of hard earned money. Make sure you choose a reputable dealer to make your made to measure roller blinds or you may regret not having done your home work.

Follow our design advice on how to measure a made to measure roman blind or a patterned roller blind to make sure there are no mistakes or miss measures. Measure twice – cut once is the best advice I can offer you. Blinds to go in every room of your home and all installed by your self – I would be proud of that.

Classics never date-  If you are finding it difficult to choose a colour scheme and dare not compromise the complete colour palette   - go white or black and know that they will not date.  Equally as chic in gloss or mat finishes you only need to bear in mind will the gloss come into regular contact with sticky little fingers - classic now classic in the future.

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