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Sun control in front of the glass - or blinds to go behind it - which is most effective?

Sun is loved by all but it can cause a frustration when curtains carpets and furnishings get damaged by the sun's rays. Rooms can quickly rise to a painful temperature making some room impossible to use during the hotter days of the year. This can cause a real problem for windows that are over exposed to the sun and often the only remedy is to close the curtains or pull down a blind blocking out the outside world.

Sun Screens are mounted on the outside of your window. They are a full retractable vertical blind that when down will reflect most of the sun's rays before they hit the glass. The heat is cut significantly as a result room temperature is instantly reduced.

The fabric used is a special type of fabric that is specifically designed to reflect away a large percentage of the sun's rays. This stops furnishings getting damaged as well as stopping glare. The special type of fabric is perforated, still allowing a lot of light to come through. Making use of new automated technology, your Sun control blinds can keep your home cool and protected even when you are not home thanks to a sun and wind sensor. Quite simply, the sun sensor will lower your blinds when the sun reaches a specific brink set by you and will retract when the sun goes down. The wind sensor protects the blind against excessive wind, retracting the Sun Screen back into its housing.

So it can be said that setting blinds to go behind the glass to control sun light and heat are extremely important.

Blinds to go behind the glass will also provide protection to home interior and atmosphere.

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Sun control in front of the glass - or blinds to go behind it - which is most effective?

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